When Your Car Battery Dies, There’s No Need to Panic

With 24 hour roadside assistance, you’ll never be stranded on the side of the road in Palestine.

We use several types of tow trucks, like flatbed towing trailers, boom trucks, stretch trailers, and step deck trailers. With such a diverse fleet, we can handle equipment and fuel deliveries all over Texas.

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  • We’re Much More Than a Towing Company

    We have a fleet of tow trucks that can handle local towing or long-distance, heavy-duty towing. But did you know we can also help with…
    • Jump start battery service
    • Winch Outs
    • Breakdowns
    • Car accidents
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Unlocks
    • And More!
  • What Can We Haul?

    Beyond hook and chain vehicle towing, we can handle transporting heavy loads like…
    • Tanks
    • Equipment
    • Hotshot
    • Boats
    • Overweight Loads
    • Large machinery
    • Heavy haul


for transportation and trucking?


We’ve provided towing services to East Texas since 1999.


There when you need us.


If you’ve been in an accident or you’re waiting for equipment delivery, there’s no time to mess around. We value efficient customer service.


We offer 24-hour towing and recovery.

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Hot Shot Trucking: hauling smaller, time-sensitive loads to a single customer. If you need a specific delivery at a particular time, we can load it up and have a tow truck driver come straight to you. These are usually loaded up on medium-duty trucks with flatbed trailers.


Boom Work: A long boom (crane) extends from the back of a truck, with a hook or sling on the end to attach to whatever object or vehicle needs to be lifted. This is an efficient, safe way to lift heavy objects to high places on a construction site or in the oil field.

What is the difference between TOWING & WRECKING?

Towing: A tow truck can pull or haul a vehicle.

Wrecking: A wrecker truck is specifically equipped to recover vehicles from the scene of an accident. They usually have a large boom and a cable for winch-outs. In most cases, they can also perform as tow trucks.

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Do you have a motorcycle?


Being a defensive driver is the best way to avoid accidents that lead to towing. While motorcycles are quick to maneuver, other vehicles on the road are not. Motorcycles can be challenging for the average driver to see, so taking these precautions can help you avoid an accident (and the need for a tow truck).

1. Dress For the Road

East Texas summers can be brutally hot, and it can feel amazing to take to the open road for fresh air and sunshine. However, if your only protection from the rough gravel is a t-shirt and shorts, even a minor accident can cause significant injuries. Always wear proper riding attire and a helmet to keep yourself safe on the road.

2. Drive Smart

We work with many big trucks and 18-wheelers, so it’s with confidence that we can say motorcycles can be hard to spot. Every driver should be alert and aware of their surroundings, keeping in mind that big trucks take much longer to stop than motorcycles. With focus and attention, you can avoid collisions and calling us for a tow.

3. Be Aware of Weather Conditions
Texas weather is notoriously unpredictable. Avoid icy conditions, flooded areas, and slick roads even with new tires on your bike. Check the weather before long trips, and take your time.

4. Build Life Saving Skills
Everyone could use a refresher now and again on proper safety and riding techniques. Take your bike to an open parking lot and practice sudden stops, turns, and avoiding obstacles like cones. It can help you stay sharp, and it’s fun, too.

Have questions about towing services?


1. Can you tow my vehicle if it’s in a parking garage?
Yes! Even with tight corners and steep ramps, we have low clearance trucks that can help get your car out in a pinch.

2. Can a vehicle with automatic transmission be towed with all four wheels on the ground?
It is possible depending on the location, distance the vehicle will be towed, and the speed at which the driver would be going.

3. How do tow truck drivers know how to tow different makes and models without harming the vehicle? Wouldn’t each hook-up be different?
We’ve been in the industry for decades, so experience has made it easier to be safe and efficient in towing. Each tow truck is equipped with everything needed to tow a vehicle safely according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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