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Are you looking for a reliable heavy haul transportation service, boom truck service, hotshot, crane service, towing service, or heavy duty wrecker service near Longview, Texas? At Isaacs Wrecker Service, LLC, we proudly provide individuals and businesses in the Longview area with skilled, professional transportation and lifting services for our customers.

The Isaacs Wrecker team is made up of carefully selected members who are self-motivated, drug free, and safety oriented. We are capable of lifting and transporting the heaviest, bulkiest imaginable loads from your Longview location to anywhere else you need it. As heavy haul truck and trailer, towing, and crane truck operators serving the Longview, Texas area, we know exactly how to transport your loads safely and efficiently.

Whether you have a commercial vehicle, tractor trailer, construction equipment, motor home, recreational vehicle, emergency vehicle, forklift, farming equipment, or ordinary passenger vehicles in Longview, the fleet at Isaacs Wrecker Service, LLC can haul it all. The industries we serve range from the oil and gas industries, the garbage collection industry, commercial freight industry, to the auto body shops and car dealerships of Longview. We prioritize customer service and ensure customer satisfaction at all times, making our 24 hour response the best in the industry.

For more information on Isaacs Wrecker Service, LLC, our heavy haul transportation services, boom truck services, hotshot services, crane truck services, towing and heavy duty wrecker services in Longview, Texas, contact us today!